6 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis (Plus 3 Ways You Probably Haven’t Heard Of)

It’s common knowledge that cannabis can be smoked. But did you know there are many other ways it can be utilized? From eating it to rubbing it on your skin there are numerous ways it can be used and today we’ll cover them all.

  1. Smoking

We’ll we might as well start with smoking. The first way that cannabis was consumed. Besides rolling it into something such as a joint, like in the picture above, you can use things like bowls, bongs, and bubblers. Not sure what these are? (insert link to different types of pieces page)


The age old adage a dab will do you holds some serious weight. Okay, maybe dabbing hasn’t been around long enough to have anything age old said about it but you get the point. This stuff contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids you can find. Featured above is some amazing Caviar from East Coast Gold. Other types of concentrates include shatter, crumble, sauce, distillate, and crystalline.


Unlike smoking which uses combustion, fire and burning, vaporizing uses hot air to vaporize the cannabinoids. Because you are not smoking the bud it is healthier for you. Featured in the picture above is a classic home volcano vaporizer. Thanks to advances in technology they now have small battery powered vaporizers. Be careful if you purchase one of these. If there are coils that heat up and touch your bud you are actually smoking some of it. Some of the better hand held vaporizers are the Jump and Aegis by Atmos.


Ahh the infamous pot brownie. Did you know there’s more to edibles then just the old fashioned baked goods made with pot butter that taste like cannabis? Thanks to the growing medical and recreational markets there are drinks, candies, capsules, and even full meals. Imagine a nice weekend retreat at a bud and breakfast. The sky is the limit when it comes to the things you can make and do with cannabis.


Many of you may have heard about this amazing liquid. What you may be wondering is why is it not considered an edible since it is taken through the mouth? The answer is because it is absorbed into your body sublingually which is through the tissue under your tongue. Because it bypasses the digestive system it allows for a more rapid onset of the tincture. This is the reason why it works well for people having seizures.


Have you ever wondered why Topicals work? The reason they work because your body has cannabinoid receptors all through it including in your skin. This allows the cannabinoids to be directly applied to an area that they are needed. Some examples of common topicals include salves, lotions, lip balm, bath bombs, soaps, and massage oils. Imagine that, a massage where the oil used helps to relieve pain and relax you.

Well there you have it. You can smoke, eat, drink, vaporize, dab, and even rub cannabis into your skin. The many uses of this plant are only starting to be realized. The delivery method that works best for you might be different from someone else so always be safe when trying new things.

Be well and high until next time 🙂