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  • Cherry Round Nectar Collectors

  • NUGGLIT “The Pipe” Nectar Collector Set


    This nectar collector kit has (almost) everything you need to start sipping vapor from your favorite concentrates! This kit includes a water filtration chamber, neck and mouthpiece, and two different tips to suit your style. You can attach the wide glass tip for super-clean flavor, or swap it out for the titanium tip if you prefer a more high-precision experience. The kit also includes a small glass dab dish for serving up legal concentrates.

    Nectar Collector Water Pipe
    10mm Female Joint
    Clear Borosilicate Glass
    Titanium Tip & Glass Tip Included
    Chamber Length: 4.125“
    Assembled Length: 8.25”
    Weight: 5.15 oz (w/Box)

  • NUGGLIT Horn Wings Nectar Collector Set


    This nectar collector is made from clear borosilicate glass with colored accents on beads and horns that protrude from the side of the chamber. Comes with both, borosilicate glass and titanium tips, so the choice is yours when it comes to how you want to dab that favorite legal concentrate of yours. Just drop your concentrate into the glass dish, heat up the tip, then inhale. Your vapor will diffuse through a process of natural percolation before entering your lungs.

    14mm Joint, Glass on Glass
    Clear Borosilicate Glass w/ Green, Blue, and Orange Accents
    Height: 5.2″ (Body)
    Weight: 12.9 oz. (w/ Box)
    Thickness: About 0.125”

  • NUGGLIT Sherlock Nectar Collector


    A full Nectar Collector Set in a Sherlock Pipe look

    In a gradual manner pour water into the base until it’s half-filled. If desired, remove the titanium tip and glass mouthpiece before adding in water to avoid trapping water in the device tip. In order to achieve maximum percolation, ensure the water level is slightly below the half mark. Using wax mount the glass mouthpiece to firmly fit in place so as to avoid unusual movement during vaporizing. Once the glass nectar collector is completely assembled, hit the tip lightly with your touch. The heating should be continued till a light-red spark is observed. However, avoid overheating the titanium tip as doing this might trigger cracking. Hold the collector horizontally while heating the tip to avoid leakage as you inhale and dipping the tip in dabs. As you inhale, don’t forget to also exhale in order to complete the cycle. The nectar collector tip is made in such a way that it limits the quantity of dabs per hit in order to prevent wastage.

    Joint Size Available: 14mm or 18mm
    Concentrates Simplified
    The Honey Straw Nectar Collector is the new way to vape concentrates.
    No Dabbers, Domes or Nails needed
    Heat the tip, dip into concentrate in the glass tray that is included
    Smoothest concentrate hit there is, not harsh like a traditional nail so you can take huge hit
    Convenient,Portable and Spill Proof
    Size: 300*50*50mm
    2 Colors available: black/white
    Luxury gift box packing with EVA

    One set include:

    1 Honey Straw unit
    1 Glass mouthpiece Stem
    1 Titanium Nail
    1 Quartz Nail
    1 Glass dish
    1 Plastic Clip
    1 Gift Box

  • Trapped Dipped Nectar Collectors


    Full Set of a Nugglit Nectar Collector – a prefect fit for all of your concentrates