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  • Barrel XL Glass


    17.5″ The Barrel XL got a unique design. Easy to use and very confortable for a smooth hit

  • Poison Jelly


    This 13″ beaker bong is strong and durable made from 5mm borosilicate glass and ready for action!

    You will be taking cool, comfortable rips with a wrapped mouthpiece and ice pinch. Collect all three!

  • The Side Kick


    Back by popular demand – the terminator – just like Arnold, he can do it all! Enjoy cool,

    comfortable rips with a wrapped mouthpiece and ice pinch.  

  • The Sidekick


    Always wanted to be a super hero? Well here’s your chance to have your very own sidekick. This piece features an amazing inline perc, with another perc above, and an ice catcher. Talk about a smooth hit. This is an incredible flower and concentrate piece.

  • The Tribarrel

    17 Inches of pure power!  The Tribarrel is a power bong for the best rips ever!

  • Two In One Boom


    With this 2 in 1 you can enjoy both flower and concentare! This Recycler changed the game as far as function goes,

    and there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your smoke bubble through this beautiful piece.

    Featuring a fixed diffused downstem, this recycler will make each hit extra smooth,

    whether you’re using the included flower bowl, or you swap it out for a nice quartz banger to dab with. This piece is made of all clear glass.