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    Like the name says this piece is sure to bust a lung. At over 16”
    tall this piece will be the show of your collection. It features an
    amazing inline shower head perc and above that is perpendicular tree perc.



    Ready for a two foot monster of a piece? Then the Recycle Lower
    is for you. This amazing piece features a crazy inline perc and 6
    arm recycler unit. Whoever said big bongs were hard to hit never
    encountered this guy.



    Feel like a mad scientist with this amazing beaker style bong. At
    16” tall this piece is sure to please. Its open concept make it ideal
    for those who like simple easy to clean pieces that still pack a wallop.

  • The Dabbin Doughnuts


    The Dabbin Doughnuts features a nice sturdy and thick construction. Inside is an amazing inline perc which allows for the smoothest of hits. At 16 inches tall this piece can be the center of your collection. It is perfect for both dry herb and concentrates.

  • The Giraffe


    The Giraffe stands 16 inches tall. But like its name suggests its all in the neck. The base is a beaker style and features an inline tree perc. This is the perfect piece for either flower or concentrates.

  • The Oedipus


    Like the epic tale this piece can be a real mother ******. It give an amazing hit and features an inline showerhead perc and another perc above it. Standing 14 inches tall this piece is perfect for both flower and concentrates.

  • The Raised Up


    This nifty beaker features raised up balls on the bottom and a showerhead perc above it. At 14 inches tall this piece is no joke.



    Blow away your friends with this explosive piece. At two feet
    tall this piece is definitely for those looking to cause an explosion.
    It features dual percs for next level filtration. Warning this piece
    is for serious smokers only. Think you can Handle it?

  • The Tree Of Life


    Grow your collection with the naturalistic design of The tree of life.

  • The Triple Catch


    This 15 inch beaker is sure to turn heads. It’s the classic beaker style with a touch of color. This piece sports a triple ice catch as well.



    Are you ready for next level percolation? This enormous piece
    features an inline triple honey comb diffuser and huge fab egg
    above it. It’s perfect for both dry herb and concentrates. It’s
    thick glass and wide base make this the ideal party piece.